Drawer Style Toolbox

Recently I have been building some simple toolboxes. To practice more advanced woodworking skills I set out to build a mechanics style toolbox. The benefit of this design is that you can get a large number of your hand tools into a very compact space. None of the tools have to sit on top of any other tool. This arrangement keeps the tools in better condition and makes it very fast to find the tool you are looking for. Borrowing inspiration from Jim Stack’s “Building the Perfect Tool Chest”, I modified a design that I thought was a reasonable size for my collection of tools. Here are the results.

Toolbox with the drawer interiors showing.

The drawer pulls were a modified version of dresser drawer pulls from an article describing how to create arts and craft style furniture.

The tool storage solution before the new toolbox.

Tool storage is much more orderly after the addition of the new toolbox.

The completed toolbox.

The entire toolbox is made from plywood except for the drawer pulls. The carcass is 1/2″ plywood, while the drawers are 3/8″ plywood. The construction took two 2’x2’x0.5″ sheets, and three sheets of 2’x2’x0.375″ plywood. The back cover was made from 1/8″ plywood. Dado joints were used for the carcass, and butt joints were used for the drawers. The outside dimension of the toolbox is 18″ wide, 12″ deep, and 14.25″ tall. Drawers are 2,2,3, and 4″ tall. If I made the project over again I would have decreased the height of the bottom two drawers and added a fifth short drawer. Next I need to make small tool holders out of scrap wood to keep tools with round handles from rolling around when I open and close the drawers.


About Ryan

Ryan is currently a National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Air Force Research Laboratory. His research area includes Prognostic Health Management of Electronics. For more information please visit: www.rdlowe.com
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