Five Dollar Clock

I needed a clock in my workshop so I would know when it was time to go get dinner. With the help of a coupon I paid less then five dollars for a circular blank and the clock movement. I chose a font styled after the arts & craft period for the numbers. Minute tick marks will be useful for times when I am waiting on stain to sink in and needed fairly accurate timekeeping.

The font for this project was borrowed from a preview page for “P22 Arts & Craft”. Laying out the clock face was more complicated than I would have originally thought. I have included the procedure below. Admittedly it would have been faster and more accurate to lay the clock face out on the computer and transfer it to the wood blank with tracing paper. A fine tipped wood burning tool was used to finalize the design.

Start by drawing a chord across the clock face roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up

Using a compass draw an arc from the point where the chord meets the edge of the circle

Draw a line through the two intersection points of your circles. Repeat the circle drawing procedure with the new chord

Again, drawing a line through the intersection of the second set of arcs identifies the center of the circle

Adding layout lines as needed, the numbers were added to the clock face. A 5/16 spade bit created the center hole.

A paper template helped space the 60 minute tick marks. Each mark represents 6 degrees of a circle.

The layout penciled in before burning.

Finished clock.

The clock's new home in the workshop.


About Ryan

Ryan is currently a National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Air Force Research Laboratory. His research area includes Prognostic Health Management of Electronics. For more information please visit:
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