“Whegs” Robot

A “wheg” is a combination of a wheel and a leg that is useful for robots that need to travel outside over rough terrain.  As part of a class project the robot pictured bellow will hopefully loose its cardboard wheels and sport whegs by the end of the semester…

Intermediate build progress on the wheg robot.

Update Nov. 28, 2010: Completed wheg robot

Complete wheg robot

Completed wheg robot with homemade 'whegs' fabricated from soup cans and coat hangers.

During initial testing the wheg robot has proven to be fast and extremely versatile over a variety of terrain conditions including grass, rocks, leaves and hills. Future work will including incorporating active control for steering. As implemented now the robot is essentially an unguided missile that may head in any direction!


About Ryan

Ryan is currently a National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Air Force Research Laboratory. His research area includes Prognostic Health Management of Electronics. For more information please visit: www.rdlowe.com
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