Baby Chair

chair_with_dollsThe idea for this project came from my brother-in-law. Making child size furniture is quick, easy, and a good way to use up a few scrap pieces of wood.

Making the chair was the easy part. Making the chair safe for a young child to play with took much more time. Sharp corners were cut off and a round over was applied to all of the edges. In an effort to prevent the chair from toppoling over when a child stands on the seat the sides extend past the chair back.  Continue reading

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Philco Transistor Radio Hacked into Smart Phone Speakers

after_philcoFor a number of years a 1942 Philco transistor radio was stored by a family member due to its assumed significance to a family friend. When it turned out that the radio was not historically important, and had been bought in the 90’s in a garage sale I was given the radio to “get it out of the way”. Below are before and after photos showing the original radio, and the modified radio that now plays music over a set of computer speakers stuffed into the old radio cabinet. I left the mechanics of the radio dial in place so turning the knobs moves the original radio tuner mechanism. To maintain the patina that the radio case has accrued over the past 70 years I only added a few coats of clear coat to preserve the original look.

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Farmhouse Bed


This project describes the fabrication of a bed frame for a queen sized bed. The plans were based on the famous Anna White farmhouse bed (plans), which were in turn a knock off of the Create and Barrel farmhouse bed. Retail from Crate and Barrel this bed might cost around $1500. All said I spent probably $250 on the lumber, hardware and paint. Continue reading

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Cross Cut Sled for the Table Saw

A cross cut sled allows you to make safer, cleaner, and more accurate cuts on the table saw. Using scrap plywood that I had in my shop I finally built myself a cross cut sled. The most important part of the build is squaring the fence to the blade, and ensuring that the cleats on the bottom of the sled slide smoothly. As an extra precaution I added a blade guard to the top of the sled. Furthermore a guard was added to keep my fingers away from the blade as the saw exits the sled after a cut is finished.

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Pregnancy Time Lapse

250 days worth of around the clock work to bring a baby into the world summarized into 30 seconds. Notice the growing hair as well as the belly. Continue reading

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Edith’s Cipher

A few days before my daughter was born I sat down to write her a short note wishing her luck in her upcoming life. I framed the message in a picture frame so that it can hang in her room and help guide her as she grows up. Not wanting to unduly influence her dreams and life aspirations (who am I to tell her what to do) with my message, I encrypted the message using a transpose cipher. Continue reading

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Over the Counter Kitchen Radio

This project used the Si470x FM radio receiver and an ardurino to make an over the counter kitchen radio. These parts had been purchased for a different build that unfortunately met a premature end. Continue reading

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Standing Herb Garden

Standing Herb Garden

This post describes a standing herb garden that I built. It was inspired by a combination of a 2×4 workbench and a raised garden bed made of cedar fence planks. Essentially the project is a large planter box placed on top of a table. The top of the box is at 40″ from the ground, a perfect height for maintaining and watering the garden without awkward bending or uncomfortable lifting.  Continue reading

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French Fit Tool Tray

After building my new toolbox, I needed to protect my tools from rolling around into each other and potentially damaging one another. I created a few quick and dirty tool tray holders using scrap plywood and a scroll saw. Continue reading

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Craftsman Style Mantle Clock

Issue number 199 of Woodsmith magazine featured a craftsman style mantle clock that was the perfect project for practicing a number of woodworking techniques on a relatively small scale project.

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